Times People Played Roulette with their Lives and Won

Roulette is a game of chance, if you are lucky your number will come up and you win the big bucks, if not you lose and go home empty handed.

Paypal experiencing global withdrawal problems

According to Paypal is experiencing withdrawal problems. Based on the email to a client of paypal, the problems are global.

Iceland in Euro 2016 - a force to be reckoned with

I'm no big football fan, I usually rather go play Fussball (table football) around the corner while most of my mates are watching the real thing on a big screen. Football really isn't my thing, or to be honest, watching any kind of sports on TV has always been kind of a "why do that" thing for me. But during EURO 2016 it's been sort of different.

Best Places to Invest Around the World

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12 significant Workplace Trends for 2013

Based on a report recently revealed by Sodexo, people- and community-centric workplace practices are one of the important tool for motivating the emerging workforce. According to the report, if the employer fell short of the employees expectations, 86 of the the people now entering the workforce would consider leaving their employer. Moreover, corporate social responsibility seems to be a motivating factor for all four generations in the workforce.

Twitter Hit by Cyber Attack

Social media giant Twitter says it was hacked this week, in a sophisticated cyber attack that exposed the passwords and other information of about 250,000 users.

Panetta: Iran Escalating Regional Tensions

A leading U.S. newspaper says the outgoing American defense secretary has accused Iran of smuggling anti-aircraft weapons to militant allies.

US Dow Stock Index Reaches 5-Year High

U.S. stocks made strong gains Friday as the Dow stock market index closed above 14,000 for the first time since before the financial crisis.

International Summit to tackle issues of business and global health

International summit of world's future leaders will be tackling issues of business and global health during the summit held in Pittsburgh from October 18 to October 22. Besides the mentioned issues, they will also be talking and discussing education, sustainable development, human rights, social business as wells leadership and governance.

Ruling Party Victorious in Russian Election

Russia's ruling party is the big winner in Sunday's elections. United Russia had nearly 5,000 candidates running for office around the country. The ruling party's candidates were set to win all five elections for governor.

More US Meningitis Cases Could Be Linked to Massachusetts Company

A medical specialist says more U.S. meningitis infections could be discovered now that federal officials have raised concerns about additional drugs made by the producer of a tainted medication linked to the initial cases.

Escape Completely with Princess Cruises

I's autumn and while the majority of people tend to go traveling during summer, autumn is probably the best time for that. Escaping the gray weather, escaping the taxes and unemployment, escaping the depression, and to come back rested, as a new man. Or woman.

The Most Colorful Presidential Nicknames

Well, that's one of the benefit of a Democracy, is you can make fun of or chum around with the Commander in Chief, and not get beheaded for it. Nothing expresses the colorful character of United States culture like the nicknames we give our Presidents. Here are some of the best, with the stories behind them.

Why the United States is Not a Democracy

The United States is not a Democracy? What an outrageous claim to make! Or so it would seem... In fact, the United States of America is actually a Republic. The other terms bandied about amongst political scientists are "Representative Democracy" and "Constitutional Republic". And this isn't just a dictionary-zealot splitting hairs here; there are very important distinctions between a pure Democracy and what we have in the USA. And confusing the issue can actually lead to gross mistakes.

Your child's creativity could land him a $25, 000 college fund

"We don't need no education, " popular lyrics by Pink Floyd are still as famous as ever. But in addition to being a good, cool, and a lot appreciated song, this line doesn't really say much about the actual world situation. The importance of proper education, in reality, as many of you have learned the hard way, can't be underestimated.

Alleged Mexican Drug 'Queen' Extradited to US

A Mexican woman accused of being a high-ranking drug trafficker has been extradited to the United States to face drug charges.

US Fines Search Engine Google for Privacy Violation

The U.S. consumer watchdog agency has imposed its biggest fine ever - on Google, the popular Internet search engine.

Ghana buries late President Mills

After two days of mourning, the West African nation Ghana is giving its late president John Atta Mills a state and military burial today at Geese Park, a bird sanctuary near the seat of government, Osu Castle, along the Atlantic Ocean.

DuPont launches World Food Security Index

The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, which was launched at the time of G8 Summit at Camp David in May, has been created to highlight the shared commitment among African leaders, G8 countries, private companies as well as NGO's, to achieve global food security. The partnership was announced by President Barack Obama.

New Eurozone Focus: Spain's Debt, Economy

The debt-ridden Spanish government and the country's troubled economy are the newest face of the European debt crisis.

Greek PM: Country's Plight Like US Great Depression

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras says his country is facing economic upheaval like that of the devastating U.S. Great Depression of the 1930s.

Finding the spirit to help others

The odds of winning a US national lottery are close to one in 100 million. What it translates to in human language, is that you're close to 100 times more likely to die of a flesh eating bacteria or die multiple times while walking to buy the lottery ticket get the point. Yet, in US, according to Freakonomics, in any given year, around 60 billion dollars are spent on lottery tickets, which makes it around $200 per person. And the chances of the "great success"...well, let's just say that they are bigger than if you wouldn't buy the ticket at all, but a lot smaller than getting accidentally killed on your balcony while reading this article.

Information on President Election in India

Pratibha Patil is the current President of India. She is going to retire in the month of July 25. The election for selecting the new President will be held on 19 July 2012 while the results would be announced on 22 July 2012.

Pranab Mukherjee in the Face of President of India

Pranab Mukherjee is one of the senior leaders in India. He is 76 years old and currently serving as the finance minister of India. However he has been resigned from the post of Finance minister as he is going to fill the nomination paper of president election. He is one of the contestants for the president of India. He is the UPA nominee in the 2012 presidential elections.

40 percent of energy in USA is consumed by buildings

According to World Business Council for Sustainable Development, 40 percent of energy in United States is consumed by buildings and that's even a small number compared to dense urban settings like New York City where commercial buildings consume up to 75 of the energy.

Conservative vs. Liberal

Many people do not really understand the difference between a conservative and a liberal. How do you really know which side of the spectrum you fall on? In this article, we are going to explain some of the differences, so that as political figures are discussing conservative and liberal ideals you know exactly what is going on.

Presidential Campaigning in the Media

Getting that message out to the voters - it's going to begin soon! The wonderful advertising round of the Presidential 2008 election season is about to get underway. Already, the major candidates have each blessed us with a "Holiday wishes" ad spot. It was brief, sweet, and to the point, and not shown too often, so that viewers don't spend the Holidays resenting the candidates, but with a definite air of "we'll be right back to pound you with the heavy advertising on January 2nd!" So, here's what kinds of hustling they're run on you, and its relative effectiveness.

The Most Colorful Presidential Nicknames

Well, that's one of the benefit of a Democracy, is you can make fun of or chum around with the Commander in Chief, and not get beheaded for it. Nothing expresses the colorful character of United States culture like the nicknames we give our Presidents. Here are some of the best, with the stories behind them.

One-day summit for industrial building owners

Con Edison hosted a one-day Energy Efficiency Summit May 1, 2012. It was a Summit meant for commercial and industrial building owners who are looking to turn their properties more energy efficient as well as to get in touch and network with hundreds of experts from the field of energy efficiency.

Russia's Top General Says Preemptive Strike Against Missile Shield Possible

Russia's top general said Thursday that Moscow may be forced to disable NATO's planned missile defense system in Europe. Army General Nikolay Makarov told an international conference on missile defense in Moscow that a pre-emptive strike could be utilized to physically destroy the missile systems.

Italy's New 'Bullet Train' Aims to Shake Up Euro Travel

Italy will launch Europe's first private high-speed train service Saturday, as the country moves towards a more liberal economy. The move could lead other European countries to follow Italy's example of privatizing rail transport and creating new jobs and competition in the marketplace.

Delta Airlines to Produce Its Own Jet Fuel

U.S.-based Delta Airlines will soon be the world's first air carrier to produce its own jet fuel.

Michael Bloomberg announced the debut of Taxi of Tomorrow

"New York City cabs have always been iconic, and now they will set a new standard. The 600,000 passengers who use taxis to get around every day deserve the cutting-edge technology and top-of-the-line safety features that this model delivers," said New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

Political Milestones for Women in United States

The political scenery of United States has undergone a drastic change of color ever since the 19th Amendment to the Constitution bestowed the much deserved right to vote on women in the country. With merely days having passed from the time when Nancy Pelosi took on the reins of the US House of Representatives on 26th January of 2012, this article casts a few lumens of light on the worthy issue of how US political system has unfolded with regards to representation of women.

Assassinations in US Politics

Apart from being public figures of immense charisma, Abraham Lincoln James Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy have a lot more in common. Anybody with even the slightest knowledge of the political history of United States would not require more than a split second to figure out that the reference here is to the fact that all four of these political masters were assassinated while serving their terms in office.

Food Network announces the second season of Chopped All-Stars

Life without food is suffering. Life without entertainment is boring. Life without learning is stupid. Food Network seems to understand that and is bringing you the second season of Chopped All-Stars.

Let those who know Talk… Demonstrations Spread through North Africa

According to Al Jazeera the Egyptian revolution has resurrected a new type of pan-Arabism, based on social justice not empty slogans. Who has the answers?

The Inevitable Way of Life

In 2011, the total population of the world will be of 7 billion or 7000 million people. Of these 7 billion a significant number are under 30 years of age. How is this affecting the world order and society?

Suu Kyi and her Party Risk "Tragic Ends" ?

Yahoo news reported, Burma Democracy champion Aung San Suu Kyi and her party will "meet their tragic ends" if they keep up their opposition to an end to Western sanctions, state media warned in a commentary.

Blue Train Jazz Me, Estonia

According to the New York Times, and their Top 41 places to go to in 2011, Tallin Estonia is the 21st place to go. Not bad ranking, and may sound like a trouble to get there, but it is a actually a very good deal.

Why not Burma?

When looking into the world consequences of the Egyptian demonstrations, analysts consider different countries as next possibilities? Why not Burma?

Its Strictly a 315 Mill Business, nothing Personal?

AOL acquired the Huffington Post for 315 million USD. It would be great to start this story with words like, “no one imagined that the versatile writers who started out from nothing would today sell their site for 315 USD million”…but this is not a Hollywood script, so I will spare your day.

Rembrandt Bread to Art? Montesquieu to Flour?

Experts at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage in Brussels revealed the insights of the techniques that they say Rembrandt “experimented with” flour to create his masterpieces

The World in Tahrir Square

Is it just Egyptians who are in Tahrir Square? The world is on stand by in Tahrir Square. Yesterday came what the Prime Minister called a “Bloody Night”.

215 Million Children Fuel the Child Labour Industry

Today around the world there are 215 million children suffering child labor. 115 million of those children are involved in the worst forms of child labor.

Who will lead the Politics of Egypt?

Day 8 now turning into night 8. The mass-nation-wide movement that took the streets continues. Today, it is clear that it is the people of Egypt who are making politics on the ground.

Who will lead the Politics of Egypt?

Day 8 now turning into night 8. The mass nation wide movement took the streets continues. Today, it is clear that it is the people of Egypt who are making politics on the ground.

Stock Markets Follow the Rabbit?

Chinese population accounts for more than 20 % of the world’s Population. For all of them, this year is not strictly 2011. Now, they are preparing to receive the year of the Rabbit.

The Masks of Dead Presidents: 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in the World

1. Ferdinand Marcos President of the Philippines (1972–1986) 5–10 billion - The ONG International Transparency has estimated that Marcos and his clan took over a fortune of 5.000 y 10.000 million USD. The process to return the funds to Philipines which the Marcos clan sotld and hid in swiss government were a disgrace. Only 658 million were returned. Good luck finding the rest.

All Eyes on Egypt

Four days of protests in Egypt inspired by the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, and referred as a key part of a “domino effect” the movement of the people of Egypt move into their fourth night.

Miracle Message : Woman Survives 23rd Floor Fall

She was (and still is) 33 years of old. After ordering her coffee, and taking off her shoes, she seem to have decided to walk over the safety barrier. Then she fell from the 23rd floor.

The International Business of Street Protest

According to sources, Belgium and other countries, shows signals that concern sources on the ground. The question they ask is, Is Belgium next? Who is next? Who do you trust?

Terror in Moscow: The Reactions

The bomb that exploded in the Moscow airport killed 37 people and injured 170. According to the Voice of Russia, latest, count of the suicide bomber attack. After the news broke on Monday, Russia and the World reacted.

What are the Voices of North Africa Saying?

Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, the North African border countries, have all seen recent developments. What are the voices of North Africa Saying?

Cost and Business of Active Classified Rocket Delta IV Heavy

It was ten minutes over 1 pm when the massive rocket AKA Delta IV Heavy launched from the West Coast of United States of America. The development cost was of 500.000 million USD and the Launch Price was of 254.000 million USD in 2004.

GO SHOUT IT! Burma Under Human Rights Review in UN

Every four years, the 192 member countries of the United Nations review Human Rights. This means that every four year the countries are reports on Human Rights go under the UN microscope, and therefore under the general public views.

Being John Havens: New President of Citigroup Inc.

New York Times reported that Citigroup Inc plans to name John Havens as president and chief operating officer. And so the question rises, what is it like being Johg Havens?

Made in….Who Cares?

Do you turn over your products when you go shopping? Do you look for the “Made in” tag on the back of your product? The President of China Hu Jintao visits Obama at the White House.

President of Argentina on Arab World Tour

The President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, Minsters and a committee of 100 business men are touring the Arab world. Argentina´s tour includes, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey.

Black Swan, the Final Wake Up Call

Natalie Portman plays, to the limit, a ballerina on the thriller, Black Swan. In the movie, the ballet dancer, plays both the innocent White Swan and the sensual Black Swan.

If the Levee Breaks, Do you say Climate Change?

I got an email today, it came from across the world. It spoke of hurricanes, tornados and storm. It talked of floods and rain. If the levee breaks, just say climate change.

Is Food a Human Right?

Every year 15 million children die of hunger.

Can Iron Save the World?

Can Iron Save the World?

The Price of the “Edge of War”

It can not be argued that the price of war is suffering and human loss. But what is the price of war, and how does a local conflict turn international? How does the price of the edge of war extend to all regions?

ClimateGate 1 Year on, the Emails that Changed International Policy

It is now one year since ClimateGate took over. The result ClimateGate had was a chilling effect on the media and warming effect on international developments. Bringing more sceptics in the order of science and environmental science, ClimateGate still proves to be scandalous.

How Worried Should We Be?

How worried do politicians want us to be?

Whale Massacre in Danish Territory

On July 19th, 236 pilot whales where massacred in the Faeroe Islands. Pete Bethune, anti-whaler campaigner, known for spending 4 months in a Japanese prison, will be in the Faeroe Islands soon.

Tunnel from Alaska to Russia, DUMB Idea?

Is building an underground tunnel to connect US with Russia a DUMB idea? Who would use it anyway?

Pollution Control Agreement International Paper Industry

An agreement between Uruguay and Argentina has been reached to control pollution of the Finish Paper Mill Botnia, located in Uruguay.

Did the Land of Honey Awake?

US politics has been trying to incentive local production of goods and services. Did the land of honey awake?

Too much Noise in London? Students Protest

A rise in student tuition fees that reached of up to £9,000 caused a massive student demonstration at London.

163 Detained. 700 Wounded. 19 Dead. How Much More?

163 people detained. 700 wounded. 19 dead. Riots and violence in Western Sahar. What is going on in?

Feeling Safe in New York City

I read about the engine on one of the jumbo plane that exploded. I spoke to a friend and asked him what where his thoughts on the Mid Term US elections?

So much of China All Around

Asia is in every politicians mind. It is no secret, China is leading the market. President Hu Jintao is about to land in Europe. What is it all about?

Prison Vote Jailbreaks? Will Prisoners in UK Vote?

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that prisoners should be given the right to vote. This ruling has now become a political debate. Will Prisoners in UK Vote?

7.3 Million Suffer from Alzheimer, Don’t Forget Them

7.3 million people suffer Alzheimer's disease. Should more be done? What is the politics behind the "forgotten" disease?

Unemployment Down. Spain’s Labour Reform Kicks Off?

Spain’s unemployment rates fell for the first time in 3 years. Are numbers a tendency or a consequence of a political reform?

American Thunder, Midterm Elections

With only 4 days for Midterm Elections US the countdown is on. United States politics is hard play, and now the guns come out.

Your Life, Your Seven Wonders

Don’t like the 7 World Wonders? Choose your own new ones. More than 1 billions users casted their vote. What is yours?

Charity offers Drug Addicts £200 to be Sterilised

Few things are as controversial and sensible issues as drugs and birth control methods. What do you get when you mix both of them?

Eat the Rich, the Australian Way?

When we think of Australia we think of blue surf beaches, youth, mates, yachts and paradise but is Australia projecting into a broken mirror?

Is Politics Streaking into Sports?

From the Common Wealth Games in Delhi, to Football Incidents in Italy. A confusing message reaches the masses through the games. Is politics streaking into sports?

Break on Through the Alps with 10.22 Billion USD

Tomorrow, October 15th, history will be made in the Swiss Alps. The event will not happen on the ground nor in the air. The breakthrough will occur underground. The cost? 10.22 Billion USD.

Mandela, a Saint or a Man?

It is no wonder that Mr Nelson Mandela is thought to be a Saint. He is a leader, an icon and a source of inspiration. Mandela releases a new book. In it he wrote, "I am no Saint".

They are playing you, and you know it! Paid to play?

Have you ever been played? Bill Clinton’s had that on his mind. In his recent speech, he said, “They are playing you, and you know it”. The international media focus on questions like, Why do Democrats of some states prefer Clinton to campaign? But are some politicians being payed to play?

Walking the Valley of Death. Is it Time to go Home?

The news of today fill my inbox. They say, It is time for me to bring our troops home -- right now. Not one more American needs to die. Walking the Valley of Death, is it ever time to go home?

Where are Politicians when you need them?

In past recent days the world witnessed the most insane bombarding of news coming from all parts of the world. Where on Earth are the politicians?

President Barack Obama takes Solar Energy to the Roof Top

President Barack Obama plans to install solar panels on the roof of the White House. The symbolic gesture goes beyond promoting green technology. Would you install Solar Panels in the roof of the House?

Momentum Inside the White House

The departure of Rahm Emanuel and the announcement that Peter Rouse is taking over, is the news that everybody is trying to understand. Making sense of politics is sometimes hard work. Making sense of politics inside the White House can be even more difficult. Or, is it? As John Locke once wrote, “What worries you, masters you.”

European Politics sends out Mixed Signals

Does European Politics have mixed emotions for immigrants? Whether you are a Romanian immigrant just forced out of France, a worker in Greece, a skilled professional in UK, or a union protestor in Spain, immigration and unemployment is a controversial issue.

International Politics and the "Venezuela Agenda"

Certain international media and international politicians try to use any news coming from Venezuela as an opportunity. They spin the news on the Venezuelan Elections, and on Chavez, to draw “their Caracas agenda” from their right drawer.

Cross And The Crescent: The American Dilemma

The hullabaloo that has been created in America over the proposed erection of a mosque and Islamic community center in close proximity to Ground Zero is reflective of the ideological change that is taking place in America.

Photo series: Millennium Goals? Or poverty?

The day after the World Leaders spoke at the United Nations Millennium Goal Summit, I found myself in a place called Hurlingham. I was covering pollution and waste management when I took these images. It shocked me to hear the leaders speak at United Nations of events that where unfolding in front of my eyes in a different way. The images I took are far from being an isolated case. In South America, in most countries a percentage of the people live out of the system of work and are suffering poverty. I have covered, researched and know this to be true by experience. Poverty is a Global issue. It does not refer strictly to countries in Asia or Africa. This is, in my opinion, where we stand on the Millennium Goals. There are significant number of people living in poverty, and while the Global numbers may seem to go down experts agree that it is due to China´s and India´s fast developing economy. A lot more can and should be done. There is really not much that can be said, what is needed is action and not words. I am a journalist so documenting and reporting is my work and my action.

A War so Cold that Ice is Melting

A new Cold War has been set off. (Strange I did not know the Old Cold War was over). Oh yes, now there is a new one. We see it on television. A robotic arm plants a Russian flag underwater in the Arctic floor. That is what we see. After wondering about special effects and why news channel have such bad definition for certain video streams, we are left to meditate about the new Cold War conflict.

Should Politicians REALLY write Books?

Barack Obama released a new children book. Tony Blair released a new book. Thousands of books are fresh out from the press. They all have the name of world leaders on their cover. Why do we need it? Or better, who needs it?

Breaking News… Happening Now?

The television scrolled the text with great red letters, HAPPENING NOW… and what was happening now? The leaders of the world addressed the United Nations in the Millennium Goal Meeting. Bottom line, the media is talking about nonsense.

The Utopia of Health Care Army

No one ever believed Yodar Hoopelhoffer, the Mount Perry town idiot, would win the election to the highest seat in the Mount Perry political structure, on his agenda of, "COMPLETE AND TOTAL CHANGE", but win he did, now we are stuck with him for the next four years. Among his more controversial issues is his obsession with providing, Health Care For Everyone.

Russian Stew

Two Russian men have put a whole new meaning to the term 'Russian Stew'. they killed one person, cut him up and sold bits of him to a local kebab shop. Needless to say, they have been arrested but it is not known how many 'extras' there might have been in the kebabs.

Unbalanced justice

Much has been said in recent time about civilians who assault police officers and in some places the crime of assaulting police now attracts an automatic jail sentence. Very little has been said though when the roles are reversed whereby police officers assault civilians. In my view, an automatic jail sentence should also apply in cases of 'police assaulting civilians'.

London train commuters get free entertainment

Train passengers at a London train station recently got a little more than train arrival and departing announcements when, during such announcements, they were entertained by a couple having a 'solid session' broadcast live over the the public address system. The 'entertainment' was caused by a 'cross-frequency' incident on the PA system. Along with the train announcements passengers got the grunts and groans in full living audio. On the platforms, passenger enjoyed the show and even train drivers kept the train doors open for as long as possible. Some passengers took notes. No doubt, a good time was had by all.

No Qantas engineers but still flying

There is our favourite airline, Qantas. The airline's senior engineers are threatening strike action over work hours and pay. Qantas said that it will still be flying without its engineers. Yes indeed, given the airline's appalling record in recent times, I thought the airlines did not have any engineers. Qantas promises that all passengers will reach their destination, on the back of a bicycle. And then we have British Airways BA has just announced the sacking of 1200 staff. This will be the scenario. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls". "I am your pilot, hostie, engineer, and mother of all during this flight from London to Athens". "After I have taken the aircraft into the air and put it on auto-pilot, I shall provide drinks, we hope". "Please note that after landing at Athens Airport, you may pick up your luggage, in Rome"."Thank you for flying with me and have a nice day". And the Spanish Fly... British Airways, the troubled UK airline, and Iberia, Spain's also financially troubled airline, have agreed to a $7 billion merger. So now we shall two financially troubled airlines all rolled into one. It will certainly make things easier for the liquidators, or undertakers, should the combined airline fail. I have a suggested name for the new airline. "Spanish Fly"

Doubts over Israeli weapons find

The details of alleged find by Israel of large amounts of weapons don't stack up. Israel said that the vessel with the containers on board was intercepted off Cyprus. Oh yes, off Cyprus in international waters? One breach of international law. Israel said that the ship came from Iran on its way to Beirut via Egypt. Egyptian authorities have no record of the ship entering Egyptian territory. The boxes in which the weapons were alleged to have been found do not match the weapons themselves and also, there were Israeli markings on some of these boxes that would not have been able to be put on them with weapons still inside. Some of the weapon type shown by the Israelis, have in fact never been imported or used by Iran. The container numbers to not match up with records with the last known destination markings on six containers being Israel and I don't think that these containers went from Europe to Israel to Iran to Egypt and via Cyprus waters to Beirut. Also some of the containers, which in fact belong to shipping company Cosco, were washed and then painted over with Iranian shipping company markings. Pity for the Israeli is that the Cosco box numbers are still on them. In total, the message to the Israelis is this. "Your story and allegations don't add up gentlemen and when you try to pull a stunt like that, you must first ensure that the job is done properly".

Payments to Taleban - another way to keep peace?

Last year, 10 French soldiers were killed in an allegedly calm area, Sarobi which is located located east of Kabul. About a month before this incident took place, the area was given over to French soldiers by Italians. What caused the peaceful area to become so unpeaceful in a moment? The fact is, it never was that peaceful in the first place. It turned out that Italian secret service had been paying off Taleban commanders to keep the peace. Taleban was payed tens of thousands of dollars according to The Times. A senior NATO officer in Kabul didn't really feel too bad about paying Taleban saying "It might well make sense to buy off local groups and use non-violence to keep violence down. But it is madness to do so and not inform your allies." Which obviously is the main reason the French were attacked in this peaceful area. But is it really a good idea to buy off local groups in order to keep peace? It's like saying "Don't fly our planes into the WTC and we'll pay you.". Well, yes, there is something in there, but I'm not sure just paying the insurgents is a good idea. But I think Italians did get closer to the truth - money IS the answer. Or to be more exact - free trade. We must offer them something we could all benefit from. And by the end of the day, introducing them the concept of free trade might do the trick. Obviously it's not as simple as that, but the main point should work here. But paying insurgents off, not telling your successors about it and get them killed that way....are we really better than insurgents?

Hillary Clinton talks about RUSSIA

While speaking to university students in Russia, she said "Citizens must be empowered to help formulate the laws under which they live." Considering the idea doesn't always seem to be working even in USA, what hope is there for Russia? And if there's no hope for that, at least not right now, wasn't it simply a propaganda speech? Possibly it was. Yet, we can't really criticize it - politics often are about propaganda, in one way or another. "In an innovative society, people must be free to take unpopular positions, disagree with conventional wisdom, know they are safe to challenge abuses of authority," she added. By the end of the day, it's great to see Clinton putting effort into changing the minds of Russia's youth. Even if the speech was held standing in front of a monumental Soviet mosaic topped by a red hammer and sickle.

United States spends outrageous amounts for military recruitment

The financial crisis might be over for the most part but financial difficulties still exist. In view of this knowledge - what's a soldier worth? Keeping the wars going, giving the soldiers uniforms, guns, bullets, transportation from and to war zones, feeding them - it all costs money. Yet, this all is unimportant for the sake of this short post. Recent article in Washington Post says "Defense Department spent about $10,000 on advertising, marketing, recruiters and other budget items per recruit, with the Army spending more than double that, at $22,000." Am I missing something or is United States really putting on average of $16 000 into brainwashing Americans? Young Americans still in age they are not allowed to drink, yet are allowed to be killed? If a business venture had to pay $16 000 just to find each of their 200 000 employees they need, they'd go bankrupt. But obviously, United States can afford it. You can afford it or not but...isn't it just plain stupid?

US military recruiting goals met for the first time in 35 years

The US military has managed to meet its recruiting goals for the first time in more than 35 years. Hundreds of thousands of young men have enlisted. The way we see it, it could be due to two potential factors. 1. The financial crisis. Considering the financial climate the US military is a good place to be in to avoid total personal bankruptcy. 2. It's all about Obama. Everyone wants to show they are good for their country and they are ready to make a difference in the world. And with Obama becoming a president, it is believed there's a good chance that showing the good will is going to be good enough. The actual hope is that there's no need to go to war just because you have enlisted. So it could be sort of shallow reasoning for the most part. Are we going to see a mass desertion should Obama start sending more and more troops to Middle-East?

Nobel Peace Prize panel defends its Obama decision

Nobel Peace Prize panel has received some serious criticism for its decision to give this year's Nobel peace prize to president Obama. But they keep defending their decision, as they should. The main criticism about their decision is that Obama got the prize prematurely. Considering Obama has only been in office for some time and haven't been able to do much yet, it's understandable. Then again, if we look at the bigger picture, even the fact that George Bush is not in the office any more, deserves an award. Does he deserve a Nobel Peace Price is of course a totally different question. The members of the panel say that Obama has already contributed to a bit safer world with less tension and his efforts to remove the line between the West and the Muslim world have given results. The understanding of Poploid is that Obama got its award for being black, being not Bush and that the award has lots to do with US being a better place because of Obama. So in reality, it seems like the award was actually given to the entire nation of United States of America for choosing the right president.

Where does the $900 billion for US health care reform come from?

The first health care bill that drew Republican votes needs $829 billion to become a reality. President Obama has vowed not to sign a bill that will add to the long-term deficit. But where does the money come from? The currently proposed version would bring in the money by taxing sugary soft drinks. The sugary soft industry of course, has no interest in it and has already started campaigns to stop the law makers. Nobody wants to pay, everyone thinks someone else should be supporting the health care industry that over the 10-year period needs at least $829 billion.

Dying Trends of the Early 2000s

1. MySpace pictures taken while standing in front of a full length mirror. - That's right, camera-in-shot reflection photos are out and "mirror kiss" photos are in. Many trend conscious Myspace teens have filling up their profiles with pictures of them kissing their own reflections in mirrors and the trendemic seems to be spreading. Can you say 'emo-much'? 2. Britney Spears jokes.- The jokes about the once fallen singer have become passé and the only thing people are talking about today that has to do with Britney is... well... her music. 3. Music on MTV - The Hills, Made, Laguna Beach, Celebrity Rap Superstar, Room Raiders, you name it, there are more reality shows on Music Television than there are on regular TV channels. By 2020 music videos will be an anomaly on the channel. Reality TV's killing the video star 4. Rap music that doesn't sound like techno.- Synth beats in hiphop music used to be a regular thing that most people were used to, but artists have taken it one step further and now Akon's or Lil Wayne's new songs sound like something out of a David Guetta album 5. Anything out of THIS decade.- Retro has taken over. Leggings, New Soul, New Wave revival, jacket dresses and 80s cartoon character shirts have become popular in both the fashion and music industries. 6. Painting your nails.- Singer Beyoncé Knowles has started a new trend -- Minxes and no, not the fur, but rather stickable nail polish. She can be seen wearing these in her 'Single Ladies' music video. They're far more easier to apply than nail polish and last longer. 7. Hardcore music.- The hills are alive with the sound of alternative music and the number of alt artists does not seem to be decreasing. 8. Being synthetically fake.- People are keeping it natural, but with a twist. Natural and organic make-up and human hair extensions are in. If Mother Nature grew it, people will wear it 9. X colour is the new black.- It's official: black is the new black, which means boys no longer have to walk around in girly pink shirts, but can rock out in a black shirt and still look hot 10. Baggy clothes.- 'Tight is right' in the the late 2000s and both boys and girls can look hot in tight jeans and shirts. From sk8er boi to pop tarts, everyone is sporting the skinny look and looking stylish

Music Video Clichés

This is a list of the ten most overused ideas used in music videos. (Items on list are in no particular order)

Goodbye Mr. Carson!

The Golden Age of Comedy has definitely ended!

Attack and Jail ALL Ventriloquists!

An unseen hand, with insidious intent, is invading us! You may not feel threatened now, but numerous two-headed monsters are currently undermining our way of life.

Herk and Jerk, The Saga of

(A story of a young, ill-fated comedy team. The names of these stand up comics involved here have been dramatically altered to protect those who were innocent…but in truth, I’m Jerk!)

The Last Funny guy!

It all started when they let lesser skilled comics perform on cable TV in the late eighties and nineties. Then a couple of one joke wonders like Dice Clay, Carrot-Top, and Michael Richards of recent racist fame made it semi-big.

Huddled Around Some Laughs!

This article is dedicated to much beloved bald guy: Tom Sobel! Get well soon buddy!

Heaven’s Comedy Club

I know there’s such a thing as Comedy Heaven. Some say there’s a place between heaven and hell. In my own quirky way, I believe that this very place will turn out to be St Peter’s Comedy Club at the Pearly Gates.


When you’re talking about God, it can be a difficult concept to grasp. Think about it. Whether it’s my God…or your God…or someone else’s God, whichever you want to picture, it’s gotta be TOUGH TO BE GOD!

Save Earth and Laugh Now!

Turns out, The Confederation of Planets won’t admit Earth until we’ve attained certain levels of science, sensitivity, and nonviolence! Informed of this data, a select group of future thinkers have been planning, funding, and constructing to gain admittance! This expose is meant to shine some much needed light on their magnanimous efforts.

What I know that you don't!

Scolding amateur comedians is a gas! As I traveled in my own standup career, often I 've been asked to help and coach some inexperienced comedy performers. If these wayward souls could be helped, mostly I tried to help. If I couldn’t help, then I gave encouragement. A lot of other comics certainly helped me. Lord, I wish I could have helped all of them. There seems to be more inept standup comics than good ones!

The Comics NO ONE Remembers

After a good night at a comedy show, isn’t it amazing how hard you laughed then, but the next day, you can’t recall the name, or place the face? (Geez, that babe with the tight skirt? Or that guy with those red shoes? Or the guy in the robe that did that silly rap parody?) Those are the folks this weird treatise is all about.

The Last HONEST Booking Agent (They're disappearing at an alarming rate!)

When one prostitutes oneself for laughs, i.e. taking money to perform in a plethora of cities and states and countries, face it, most stand-up comics need a pimp they can trust!

Hollywood Admits They Don't Know What They're Doing

After years of speculation Hollywood insiders finally revealed they have no idea what's going on. The surprise announcement came on the heels of the recent cancellation of several new television series and the low box office turnout for nearly a dozen supposed blockbusters this year.

Comedian Advises Bush On Policy Changes

President George W. Bush today announced a number of policy changes that he hopes to present to Congress by next week Thursday. Meeting with the press on Wednesday, President Bush along with his new advisor, comedian, "Dangerous" Donny Moore, presented a number of radical changes he would like to see Congress pass during the next round of meetings.

Everybody loves a good hell gig

Everybody loves a good hell gig. They’re not particularly enjoyable to experience but when it’s over, it’s over. You still get paid and you end up with a great story. Great shows with terrific crowds may be good for the ego, but an evening with flannel clad lumberjack wannabes that hate you is the stuff legendary comedy tales are truly made of. This is one of my favorites.

Hell’s Cruise Ship - Getting on is easy, but it’s really hell when you get off!)

If you can force your Freud, Jung, and Dr. Phil back in their closets for a moment, I’ve got a story to tell you. If you can’t, just ignore me, and go invade another country!

Advice for Young Anorexics and Bulimics by Dr. Tina Dupres

Dr. Tina Dupres is best known for her expertise in the areas of anorexia and bulimia, especially in teens. She has written three books on the subject, 1997s The Fat Girl in the Mirror: A Study of Anorexia and Bulimia and 2001s Wasting Away: Real Issues of Anorexia and Bulimia in Teenagers. Her newest, and perhaps most controversial book, Anorexia and Bulimia: A Practical How-To Guide for Teens will be released in early 2005. For more information, go to

Things That Make Ya Go WTF?

The judicial process in the USA is starting to resemble a freak show. Bars and restaurants get sued for people who cant behave properly within the establishments. You can sue a person for looking at you funny, you can sue someone for putting cream in your coffee. You can sue a town for not letting you put on a Heterosexual Day Parade.

The Night Nothing was Funny!

The pieces came careening at me like a cosmic puzzle. I hadn’t realized it yet, but I was walking into a stand-up comic’s nightmare! I had just come from the finest comedy club in America, The Comedy Caravan in Louisville, KY (Great money, six days work, nice stage, decent housing, and friends). Happily, I began the next week’s work on a tour of twelve different cities in two weeks. If you can’t do the “A” clubs, one-nighters (long drives, cheap or no motels, bad stages, and some venue managers reluctant to pay) are the easiest shows for most comics to book.

250 Versions of WHAT?

Every man needs a hobby. My wife says all men need to putter. I’ve never given much credence to the hobby as a necessity but I am not without my time-wasters. As a kid I collected many things. It's less of a hobby and more like not throwing things away. I collected stamps, rocks, shells, baseball cards, coins, and photos of naked women (STILL a hobby today). The mother of a girl I dated had two distinct collections: pocket watches (normal) and eye cups (bizarre). Eye cups are small glass cups used to “wash out” an eyeball when dirt gets under the lid. I never saw the attraction of having so many nearly identical eye cups but I suppose it could have been worse - she could have collected bedpans and chamber pots.