Times People Played Roulette with their Lives and Won

Roulette is a game of chance, if you are lucky your number will come up and you win the big bucks, if not you lose and go home empty handed. Luckily for most, roulette is just a game but some crazy (or stupid) people take this win/ lose risk and apply it to their own lives, not gambling with their money but with their own well-being; in a risky game where losing means death and winning means making a luckily escape.

Here are six people who took the risk too far but managed to live to tell the tale:

Don’t Snapchat and Drive

Snapchat, famous for its imaginative filters. However when you mix someone’s lack of common sense and recklessness with the app’s features the results are nearly fatal. Christal McGee, was showing off to her Snapchat ‘friends’ by posting her driving at a dangerous 107mph, which led to her colliding with another car, leaving the other driver with brain injuries.

What’s worse is that she had three passengers in the car with her, meaning she risked the lives of five people for the ‘perfect’ snap.

Despite risking the lives of all these people Christal, her passengers and the driver of the other car all managed to leave the accident with their lives. Christal however showed quite quickly that she hadn’t learnt her lesson by Snapchatting a picture of her in the gurney.

The Duct Tape Challenge Gone Wrong

The internet has brought with it some incredible things, like being able to find out what film you recognise that actor from or finding out if your cold symptoms are actually a sign of certain death. But amongst this brilliance the internet has also given birth to some really stupid viral trends.

For instance, the condom challenge, where a water filled condom is dropped on someone’s head leading them to almost drown, sounds great right!? However these are risks youths have to take in order to achieve viral fame and Skylar Fish, 14, achieved just this but not for his amazing efforts in another challenge but for almost dying because of it.

The duct tape challenge involves participants being wrapped in duct tape by friends and then attempting to make a miraculous escape without cutting the tape. So far it sounds perfectly innocent, until Skylar, whilst attempting his escape, managed to fall and slam his head against a metal window frame, splitting his head open and damaging his eye. The only miraculous thing about the challenge is that Skylar managed to escape with his life.

Man Vs Truck

Usually traffic on the M25 is so bad that drivers could have a volley ball game across the barrier and still be in their cars in time for the traffic moving the 1 metre up the road, although definitely not advised. This gentleman though took a pretty big risk when he got out of his truck to investigate a tyre blow out, bending down on the road side of his vehicle to inspect the damage.

Another truck then speeds by missing the unnamed driver by millimetres, which should he have hit him would have certainly ended in death. Don’t get out of your vehicles on the live side kids, it could be fatal.

Swing if you want to live

Remember being a child and enjoying a turn on the swings, well would you have still enjoyed it if the swing had had a 2700ft drop? Probably not. In Hawaii there are a set of stairs, which are in fact closed to the public for very obvious safety reasons, but those who like to gamble with their lives and don’t mind a run in with the law choose to hike u them anyway. At the top of the stairs there was an illegal swing which boasted amazing views and a slight chance of death as one woman discovered. The hiker who remains unnamed, probably due to sheer embarrassment and any potential criminal charges she may face, was hiking up the stairs when she fancied a swing.

Unfortunately this woman slips off the swing and manages to grab onto the seat like a trapeze, being told by other hikers it was swing or die. Luckily she swung herself to safety and the swing has now been removed.

The lesson here is don’t use illegal swings at the top of an illegal 2700ft high hike route.

Moths are NOT a man’s best friend

Moths have a bad rep, probably due to the 1991 thriller Silence of the Lambs, since then people freak out at the sight of them but maybe not to the extent this guy did.

Kirk, 45, was holidaying it up in Kusadas, Turkey when while on his balcony he was ‘swarmed’ by moths, having a phobia of the creatures Kirk through all caution and common sense out of the window and started frantically trying to escape the winged menaces. Unfortunately his efforts saw him fall from his 45ft high balcony and causes all manner of injuries, as one would expect.

If you do see a moth on your balcony and are overcome by fear rest assured that you are a lot bigger than them and just calmly return inside and close the door. Easy as that.

S-s-s-s-smile for the camera

Selfies cause around 28 deaths per year, which is more than shark attacks, skateboarding, and even Mount Everest! This statistic however doesn’t stop people snapping themselves in stupid situations.

A man from San Diego, named Todd Fassler, was horrifically wounded and almost killed after trying to pose for a selfie with a rattlesnake, leaving him with a hospital bills amounting to $153,161.25. The ironic thing about this story is that Todd actually had his own rattlesnake at home, which he has since set free.

If you are desperate for a selfie with a snake, stick to taking them at the zoo!