No Qantas engineers but still flying

There is our favourite airline, Qantas. The airline's senior engineers are threatening strike action over work hours and pay. Qantas said that it will still be flying without its engineers.

Yes indeed, given the airline's appalling record in recent times, I thought the airlines did not have any engineers.

Qantas promises that all passengers will reach their destination, on the back of a bicycle.

And then we have British Airways
BA has just announced the sacking of 1200 staff. This will be the scenario. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls". "I am your pilot, hostie, engineer, and mother of all during this flight from London to Athens". "After I have taken the aircraft into the air and put it on auto-pilot, I shall provide drinks, we hope". "Please note that after landing at Athens Airport, you may pick up your luggage, in Rome"."Thank you for flying with me and have a nice day".

And the Spanish Fly...
British Airways, the troubled UK airline, and Iberia, Spain's also financially troubled airline, have agreed to a $7 billion merger. So now we shall two financially troubled airlines all rolled into one. It will certainly make things easier for the liquidators, or undertakers, should the combined airline fail. I have a suggested name for the new airline. "Spanish Fly"