Music Video Clichés

1. When stuck in a traffic jam, you can get out of your car and break into song or start dancing and no one will even look at you funny
2. You can sing perfectly well regardless of whether you're running down the street or doing a complicated dance routine.
3. Everyone, especially women, at a club is beautiful and well dressed and dances the same way (eg bobbing their heads with one hand in the air)
4. Anyone that hears your song on the radio will immediately love it and start tapping their feet or bobbing their head.
5. You will always get over your ex-boyfriend immediately after singing about how useless they are and how you deserve better
6. You can sing extremely high pitched notes without your throat moving or taking a breath before you begin
7. Random people at a club who've never met each other before can perform a flawless complicated dance routines
8. There are no fat people at the beach
9. You can sing in any kind of environment, including space and underwater without the sound being effected in any way
10. Spit will never come out your mouth no matter how fast you may be rapping or singing