Dying Trends of the Early 2000s

1. MySpace pictures taken while standing in front of a full length mirror. - That's right, camera-in-shot reflection photos are out and "mirror kiss" photos are in. Many trend conscious Myspace teens have filling up their profiles with pictures of them kissing their own reflections in mirrors and the trendemic seems to be spreading. Can you say 'emo-much'?
2. Britney Spears jokes.- The jokes about the once fallen singer have become passé and the only thing people are talking about today that has to do with Britney is... well... her music.
3. Music on MTV - The Hills, Made, Laguna Beach, Celebrity Rap Superstar, Room Raiders, you name it, there are more reality shows on Music Television than there are on regular TV channels. By 2020 music videos will be an anomaly on the channel. Reality TV's killing the video star
4. Rap music that doesn't sound like techno.- Synth beats in hiphop music used to be a regular thing that most people were used to, but artists have taken it one step further and now Akon's or Lil Wayne's new songs sound like something out of a David Guetta album
5. Anything out of THIS decade.- Retro has taken over. Leggings, New Soul, New Wave revival, jacket dresses and 80s cartoon character shirts have become popular in both the fashion and music industries.
6. Painting your nails.- Singer Beyoncé Knowles has started a new trend -- Minxes and no, not the fur, but rather stickable nail polish. She can be seen wearing these in her 'Single Ladies' music video. They're far more easier to apply than nail polish and last longer.
7. Hardcore music.- The hills are alive with the sound of alternative music and the number of alt artists does not seem to be decreasing.
8. Being synthetically fake.- People are keeping it natural, but with a twist. Natural and organic make-up and human hair extensions are in. If Mother Nature grew it, people will wear it
9. X colour is the new black.- It's official: black is the new black, which means boys no longer have to walk around in girly pink shirts, but can rock out in a black shirt and still look hot
10. Baggy clothes.- 'Tight is right' in the the late 2000s and both boys and girls can look hot in tight jeans and shirts. From sk8er boi to pop tarts, everyone is sporting the skinny look and looking stylish