Nobel Peace Prize panel defends its Obama decision

Nobel Peace Prize panel has received some serious criticism for its decision to give this year's Nobel peace prize to president Obama. But they keep defending their decision, as they should.

The main criticism about their decision is that Obama got the prize prematurely. Considering Obama has only been in office for some time and haven't been able to do much yet, it's understandable. Then again, if we look at the bigger picture, even the fact that George Bush is not in the office any more, deserves an award. Does he deserve a Nobel Peace Price is of course a totally different question.

The members of the panel say that Obama has already contributed to a bit safer world with less tension and his efforts to remove the line between the West and the Muslim world have given results.

The understanding of Poploid is that Obama got its award for being black, being not Bush and that the award has lots to do with US being a better place because of Obama. So in reality, it seems like the award was actually given to the entire nation of United States of America for choosing the right president.