Things That Make Ya Go WTF?

The judicial process in the USA is starting to resemble a freak
show. Bars and restaurants get sued for people who cant behave properly
within the establishments. You can sue a person for looking at you
funny, you can sue someone for putting cream in your coffee. You can
sue a town for not letting you put on a Heterosexual Day Parade.

It's like
everyone's out to stick it to everybody. Dog eat dog. People don't care
if they screw the system because they feel like the system screws them
without a condom on a daily basis. The system feels like everyones out
to screw it so we wind up with many little things blown out of
proportion for the sake of the dog and pony show. You wanna talk about
a fisting? The Clinton library cost 165 million dollars to build.
$165,000,000.00! You could educate more kids than that place ever will
with that dough, but instead we needed to build a library in a State
that aint too well known as a vacation hot spot for families.

They expect about 300,000 people a year to visit [in reality that means
about 50,000 people because as we all know government exaggerates what
it needs to for certain things and understates where it needs to so it
can get people to believe a certain way] at 7 bucks a head. You do the
math. I don't see the library ever turning a profit but I can see it
costing another 5 million a year to maintain. Who can the U.S. citizen
sue for that mismanagement? No one. Real businesses can't create
businesses designed to lose money but the Government can. On the other
hand lawyers seem to justify any lawsuit they take on if it has at
least six figures involved [for them].

Maybe we can find a
sleaze to investigate if in fact the $165,000,000.00 raised to build
the Clinton library was actually from "private donors". Even if it was,
does anyone believe that the maintenance and yearly budget will not be
funded on the backs of US Citizens? Are you fucking kidding me? How
about the $15,000,000,000.00 [that's 15 BILLION] wasted on this big dig
site in Teddy Kennedy's state? These are the kinds of cases that should
be brought into the system not some weenie who spilled hot coffee on
his peeshalini.

A friend of mine was telling me
how some moron sued a well-known RV company. Some guy was driving on a
cross-country trip in his new RV. This guy put his vehicle on cruise
control, left his drivers seat and went to bathroom. One problem, he
did it while it was on cruise control. The moron sued the RV Company
and WON! He claimed that the RV manual didn't provide information about
really need to be told this? After we're all past the age of 4 we don't
need to be told when to flush the toilet but this guy needed to be told
not to leave his seat while driving? Absolutely insane! You can sue
anyone and in some instances, anything, anytime. All you need is some
ambulance-chasing-maggot-drama king/queen lawyer whos willing to let
you keep about 50% of whatever the viper can get you.

Case in point:

A man is suing fast food restaurants in the USA. This gravitationally
challenged man ate at fast food restaurants for years and claims that
he wasnt warned about the fact that the shit he was consuming in mass
quantities wasn't the best stuff in the world for him. Whatd this guy
think he was eating? Organically grown hamburgers? I don't know about
you but no one ever had to tell me that fast food wasn't healthy. Think
about this. This stuff at a fast food joint takes what? Fifty? Sixty
seconds tops? Now ladies, and only the ladies: You know that anything
that comes in less than a minute can't possibly do you any good right?
I rest my case.

Its these kind of lawsuits that jam up the
whole legal system. Somehow, someway we need to find a way to stop
people from filing these bullshit lawsuits. I think that if we strung
people up by their thumbs and beat them on national television in the
context of a Reality TV show that might have some impact. I think that
if we could just find a way to ridicule these plaintiffs and the
pond-scum-ambulance-chasing lawyers who clog up the system with cases
that blow everything out of proportion for the sake of a big payoff
then maybe, just maybe, people would think twice before filing such
frivolous lawsuits. It seems that many of those types of lawyers are
more like creative writers. They create scenarios [their reason for
legal action], no matter how preposterous, and then try to sell that
story to a group of people for a big payoff. And might I add... piss on
the jury that grants these ingrates a dime.

Let me go on record
here folks: If this guy suing fast food joints wins this lawsuit Im
going to sue my first girlfriend for getting my hooked on sex! Why not?
I wanna be rich too dammit! If thats the only I can do it and I dont
have to worry about being flogged on TV its worth a try dont you think?

You Ring, I Bring