The Comics NO ONE Remembers

(Authorís note: insert tongue in
cheek, brave reader)

After a good night at a comedy
show, isnít it amazing how hard you laughed then, but the next day, you canít
recall the name, or place the face? (Geez, that babe with the tight skirt? Or that guy with those red shoes? Or the guy in the robe that did that silly
rap parody?) Those are the folks this weird treatise is all about.

Why do you think
we canít remember the Leno, Letterman, and John Stewart jokes the next
day? Those stupid jokes your friends
keep e-mailing you, you do manage to forget them donít you? One should realize that one's memory can be,
and is selective.

We all struggle
for answers. Scientists tell us that,
which IS REAL
, can be measured, and then verified. The rest is unreal, and it remains to be questioned.
But, Thomas Aquinas said: "Some questions have no answer."

I propose
this possible, if not improbable answer: these Johnny Appleseeds of mirth
exist amongst us. They travel across our vast land bringing fun and laughter,
where before, there was none. Havenít we all been going about our business, and
laughed for no reason? Thatís
one of those Jokey-boys!
He mustíve
sneaked up on you and whispered his little funnyness in your ear. They come not

to be served, but to serve.

Life GRINDS on us all! I postulate this: Laughs are the vital oil
that keeps all human things running smoothly.
Paraphrasing Mark Twain: "Man is the only animal that laughs.....or
NEEDS too!"
If your sense of
humor is working properly, then youíll probably put up with some situations or
ideas, temporarily, where you normally might balk or rebel. Smells trigger
memories, why canít laughter trigger one's patience? Life can be SO
for those who will understand that life CAN BE
Maybe, just maybe, there are
higher forces are at work here?

Hereís your Brain!

Hereís your brain on dopamine!

Any questions?

But lo, I have further evidence to
be told. The poster boy for laughter healing, Norman Cousins, allegedly cured
himself from enormous pain. Hi
there...Mr. Placebo!
Johnny Carson said: ďIf you buy the premise, you buy
the bit!Ē Donít you want to CHOOSE to be amused? Some people choose to be gloomy. Why
would you hang with those kinda stuffy folks? Hang with us, we're having lotsa
fun. After all, laughing with one another is the next best thing to
loving one another. Itís one of the original faith-based initiatives.

Those who produce Yuks, whether
they are pros or your pals, theyíre trying to make you laugh. So understand
they arenít necessarily trying to be memorable, they're trying to make you

So, if every so often, if a sight,
or smell, or memory triggers a good laugh from you, and you can't figure out
why, or who, or what provoked that laugh...

COULD of our kind has infiltrated
your data stream for a brief shining moment.We are the few, the happy
few...we are the comics that no one remembers!