Hillary Clinton talks about freedom...in RUSSIA

While speaking to university students in Russia, she said "Citizens must be empowered to help formulate the laws under which they live."

Considering the idea doesn't always seem to be working even in USA, what hope is there for Russia? And if there's no hope for that, at least not right now, wasn't it simply a propaganda speech? Possibly it was. Yet, we can't really criticize it - politics often are about propaganda, in one way or another.

"In an innovative society, people must be free to take unpopular positions, disagree with conventional wisdom, know they are safe to challenge abuses of authority," she added.

By the end of the day, it's great to see Clinton putting effort into changing the minds of Russia's youth. Even if the speech was held standing in front of a monumental Soviet mosaic topped by a red hammer and sickle.