Doubts over Israeli weapons find

The details of alleged find by Israel of large amounts of weapons don't stack up. Israel said that the vessel with the containers on board was intercepted off Cyprus. Oh yes, off Cyprus in international waters? One breach of international law.
Israel said that the ship came from Iran on its way to Beirut via Egypt.

Egyptian authorities have no record of the ship entering Egyptian territory. The boxes in which the weapons were alleged to have been found do not match the weapons themselves and also, there were Israeli markings on some of these boxes that would not have been able to be put on them with weapons still inside.
Some of the weapon type shown by the Israelis, have in fact never been imported or used by Iran.

The container numbers to not match up with records with the last known destination markings on six containers being Israel and I don't think that these containers went from Europe to Israel to Iran to Egypt and via Cyprus waters to Beirut. Also some of the containers, which in fact belong to shipping company Cosco, were washed and then painted over with Iranian shipping company markings. Pity for the Israeli is that the Cosco box numbers are still on them.

In total, the message to the Israelis is this. "Your story and allegations don't add up gentlemen and when you try to pull a stunt like that, you must first ensure that the job is done properly".