Breaking News… Happening Now?

The television scrolled the text with great red letters, HAPPENING NOW… and what was happening now? The leaders of the world addressed the United Nations in the Millennium Goal Meeting. Bottom line, the media is talking about nonsense.

That is what was happening now. Are people not starving in Africa? Is that not happening now? Are people not dying in poverty around the world? Is that not happening now? Is health care, diseases and HIV still met with no solutions? Is that not happening now? Are billions of people not in need of water? Is that not happening now? Are the seas and lands not filled with waste? Is that not happening now?

All these things are happening now. So, do we really need to make these issues and their solutions a political issue? Do we really need to see the world leaders on TV speaking about things we know are happening? Why are we fed the news through the mouth of political leaders? Shouldn’t people who are suffering poverty be speaking about poverty? Shouldn’t we hear them speak at the United Nations? How do we know where we stand on the Millennium Goals and if they are being met? Because the leaders of the world say so in the United Nations.

Is it worth it? Should the media turn their cameras off and record the news elsewhere?
Are the Millennium goals being met? A scientists responded, “Millennium, what millennium? The Earth is billions of years old.” After one leader finished speaking eloquently, another leader spoke, and after that another one spoke and then another one and then another one and so on and on and on and on. And if you missed out on it, no problem, because it was replayed all day and all night on news channels around the globe and printed on all newspapers of the world. Why? Because that is what happening now, of course.

Political leaders lead the stories in the news channels. Political leaders´ quotes are printed in big captions. Political leaders photogenic images are published on all the newspapers front pages. They are always in news, they always take up the space that could be used for other stories. Is it worth it? Should the media turn their cameras off and record the news elsewhere?

Who holds the power to eradicate poverty? Is poverty like trees that fall in the jungle every day? Is poverty like the waste that is buried everyday? Is poverty like Carbon Dioxide emissions and HIV? If we do not see it, is it not happening now?

Today we talk about what is happening now, and what is happening now is that leaders are talking. If that is not a paradox, I do not know what is.

Is listening to them talk about poverty at the United Nations enough to set our minds at ease? Do we expect our leaders to fix the world for us?

What is happening to you now? Do you think we have reached the millennium Goals? Do you think more can be done? Do you think less conversation and more action is needed?