They are playing you, and you know it! Paid to play?

Have you ever been played? Bill Clinton’s had that on his mind. In his recent speech, he said, “They are playing you, and you know it”. The media focus on questions like, Why do Democrats of some states prefer Clinton to campaign? But are some politicians being payed to play?

In these modern days of politics, it is like living in the land of mirrors.
There is a thing called political economics, it deals with the legal economics of political agendas. However, there is another thing that should be called “paid to play” or “paid to play you”, and it has nothing to do with political social economics.

The business of politics refers to regulations on the economy intervened by political movements. The “pay to play you” politics is the meta transformation of this day and era.

You definitely know someone is playing you when the decisions taken by other people make you responsible and it is you who ends up paying the check. In these modern days of politics, it is like living in the land of mirrors. There are so many front groups, lobbyist, corporations, and "what-nots", that sometimes one can not be sure who is doing the talking.

The NY Times reported on Ann Coulter and her business of politics. Politico reported, "she makes 90% of her income on paid speeches, and recently charged $25,000 to speak at the Wake County Republican Women’s Club in Raleigh". But she is not alone, speakers from around the world line up. published a story called Palin speaking fee uncovered. Another article titled Paid to Speak refers to several political figures, and these articles are just the tip of the iceberg. The money amounts to thousands and this accounts only for speeches.

Do you know what it feels like to be played? An old friend from the past, a high source from the distance, or a special relationship which you thought was based on friendship, everything goes as easy as it crumbles. From this side of the world, ethics, without malice, unbiased and factual information are still the higher standards. "A lie is not the other side of the story", and bringing the story into the light continues to be the solution. Unfortunately, or fotunately, it is generally not one person, but a entire structure that plays the game.

Have you ever been “played” or have you ever “been paid to play”?