Who will lead the Politics of Egypt?

Today, it is clear that it is the people of Egypt who are making politics on the ground.
Day 8 now turning into night 8. The mass nation wide movement took the streets continues. Alexandria, Cairo, Suez, today millions gather again. This time the numbers of people demonstrating are the highest since it all began. It has been called the Uprising, it has been called a Revolution, and it continues to dominate all news. It continues to spread throught the Arab World.

There is no news today, nor has there been any news in the past 8 days other than the people of Egypt. And their voices by the millions demand for the end of the Mubarak government. Media report and experts report that the movement has not leader. Of the opposition groups of Egypt the most well known internationally is the Muslim Bortherhood.

Mubarak born to power by a crisis still holds on after 8 days. To the surprise of some the demands of the people of Egypt are not met. The Egypt demonstrations is such a complex event that it spreads throughout time and regions. From ancient history to modern times, the world silently observes the Egyptian crowds, unprecedented.

As the Egypt demonstrations continue the prices of crude oil reach 100 USD a barrel, the highest peak price since 2008. The media continues to cover crude prices and Suez canal issues related with the demonstrations. On the streets of Egypt bread and rice prices are of greater concern to the wider population. Museums guarded, Phraohnic tombs irrupted, military and the people, police and sporadic “looters”, chaos, and order, resistance and peaceful demonstrations.

It becomes a breaking news every minute. Historians know that it is impossible to fully analyze the present. From Tunisia, to OPEC, to US relationships, Israel and Palestine, the who and the who’s not.

With no clear political figure to emerge as the opposition the situation becomes more complex. What events and aspirations inspired and continue to inspire the people to demonstrate massively on the streets is well known. The question now is what will come and who will lead the politics of Egypt? Today, it is clear that it is the people of Egypt who are making politics on the ground.