12 significant Workplace Trends for 2013

Based on a report recently revealed by Sodexo, people- and community-centric workplace practices are one of the important tool for motivating the emerging workforce. According to the report, if the employer fell short of the employees expectations, 86 of the the people now entering the workforce would consider leaving their employer. Moreover, corporate social responsibility seems to be a motivating factor for all four generations in the workforce.

The annual report for 2013, Workplace Trends Report: 12 Key Issues and Solutions for Business Leaders, was released by Sodexo on January 28, 2013, and gives insight into a number of significant workplace trends including the ways prospective employees are found these days, how talents are and should be mentored, how important are sustainable working environments and how to create them, how to improve organizational performance and it also brings out the statistics as well as shows the corrosive effects of workplace bullying.

The report was created based on a combination of information provided by clients, human resource trade organizations, academia, principal research, and leading facilities management. It represents a sample size above 1000 end users.

If you are a business owner and are looking to educate yourself with the 12 key issues as workplaces as well as solutions to them, you are invited to learn more about the report below.

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