United States spends outrageous amounts for military recruitment

The financial crisis might be over for the most part but financial difficulties still exist. In view of this knowledge - what's a soldier worth?

Keeping the wars going, giving the soldiers uniforms, guns, bullets, transportation from and to war zones, feeding them - it all costs money. Yet, this all is unimportant for the sake of this short post.

Recent article in Washington Post says "Defense Department spent about $10,000 on advertising, marketing, recruiters and other budget items per recruit, with the Army spending more than double that, at $22,000."

Am I missing something or is United States really putting on average of $16 000 into brainwashing Americans? Young Americans still in age they are not allowed to drink, yet are allowed to be killed?

If a business venture had to pay $16 000 just to find each of their 200 000 employees they need, they'd go bankrupt. But obviously, United States can afford it.

You can afford it or not but...isn't it just plain stupid?