Momentum Inside the White House

The departure of Rahm Emanuel and the announcement that Peter Rouse is taking over, is the news that everybody is trying to understand. Making sense of politics is sometimes hard work. Making sense of politics inside the White House can be even more difficult. Or, is it? As John Locke once wrote, “What worries you, masters you.”

President Barack Obama, said at the press conference, "Pete has never seen a microphone or a TV camera that he likes".
Today, the inner circles where renewed. The greetings, farewells, and official introductions where made. Now what is left is analysis. Who is Peter Rouse? And why is Rahm Emanuel leaving?

Here are some facts. The New York Times calls Peter Rouse the "new gate keeper". Peter Rouse does not give interviews to anyone. President Barack Obama, said at the press conference, "Pete has never seen a microphone or a TV camera that he likes". However, Peter Rouse is not an outsider nor a stranger. Mr Rouse is considered to have a “low profile”. He knows his way around Washington and has been in Town for more than 30 years.

Rahm Emanuel is leaving the White House but is expected to run for Mayor in Chicago. Chicago is, as we all know, a city close to the President´s politics. So, is Rahm Emanuel really going that far from the Presidential circle?

Here is a little background on Rahm Emmanuel. Rahm Emanuel served previously as a senior adviser to President Clinton. According to the media Rahm Emanuel did not push the Health Care Reform hard enough. This was frowned upon by the left, and smiled down by the private sector. But, like a cat, that always falls on his legs, Rahm Emanuel leaves the White House and now heads to City of Winds. Rahm Emanuel’s eloquence was replaced by Peter Rouse silence. Get the drift? On the other hand, Peter Rouse is known as the "fixer working in shadows". One of Peter Rouse specialities is the smoothing of relationships between The White House and Congress.

With strength and power mid elections heat up. The international media report on the President’s Rally and Make Overs. Around the world and within the states, the White House´s momentum breaks to be deciphered. However, some words came across loud and clear. The words where, Guantanamo, Health Care, and Private or Public.

All these words come through to us since the Bush-era. Still today these issues are drafted on. Still today these issues are voted on, worked on and sometimes progressed on. One thing is sure, all these issues today, are still being campaigned for.