Where are Politicians when you need them?

In past recent days the world witnessed the most insane bombarding of news coming from all parts of the world. From the constant bombs going off in the middle east conflict, to the burning of a Mosque in Israel, from the Red-plague-looking-like river pollution in Hungry, to the terrorist threats in Europe and the US and while on course more rains, polluted rivers and talk of nuclear treaties.

Politicans are known for their long speaches but this week silence has prevailed.
Politicians are known for their long speeches but this week silence has prevailed. In the midst of all this breaking news few politicians spoke on these issues. Where are the politicians when one needs them? Barack Obama is too busy with mid term elections and dealing with emails leaking from Alaska. David Cameron and the Lib Dems are too busy holding meetings and Labour party is busy compiling a new list for their Shadow Cabinet. Politicians in France are too busy doing... well we have not heard from them but we are sure they have their hands full. We do know where Geert Wilders is. Geert the Dutch anti-Islam politician is too busy at a trial facing hate speech charges for stirring religious hatred. He is too busy spinning Freedom of Speech. And finally Spain politics may be too busy trying making sense of the Venezuela-Spain-Terror Defamation campaign. In the 9th years, of the US war on Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai established a High Peace Council to talk to leaders of the opposition. And that is where some politicians are.

Politicians are known for their long speeches but this week silence has prevailed. When elections come politicians rush out to make speeches and take actions. When actions comes politicians become silent? They either seem to have vanish from public life or maybe they are just meditating...on their next move. Meanwhile the week progresses events continues taking full speed.

As the Danube becomes polluted and the World is constantly terrorised and as China sees more rain than ever since 1961, we ask ourselves, where on Earth are the Politicians when one needs them? Do you know where your politician is? Are you keeping track of your elected representative? We are all looking for answers, so we may wonder where are politicians now, they always seem to have the right words.