Iceland in Euro 2016 - a force to be reckoned with

I'm no big football fan, I usually rather go play Fussball (table football) around the corner while most of my mates are watching the real thing on a big screen. Football really isn't my thing, or to be honest, watching any kind of sports on TV has always been kind of a "why do that" thing for me. But during EURO 2016 it's been sort of different.

After Leicester City F.C won the 2015–16 Premier League as huge surprise to everyone, making many betting sites to close their doors soon after (as the odds were as big as 5000:1), I thought to myself that it would be rather great to see some underdogs win the Euro 2016 as well. So I was thinking - why not Albania, Wales, or Iceland. At this point two of them are still in the game with Wales playing Belgium today (July 1, 2016), and Iceland going against France on Sunday (July 3, 2016). And there's no question about who I'm rooting for. Iceland has played a great game from the beginning. Independent of the rants by Ronaldo after the draw between Portugal and Iceland, where he was saying that Iceland didn't even want to win, that they were playing like a team with a mentality of a small country. Booohoo, they are a small country, for starters. And if they didn't even want to win, why didn't you take advantage of that my dear Ronaldo?

Iceland's game with England was probably the best one yet - me being a non-fan of football couldn't take my eyes off the screen even for a second. The first 30 minutes the game was played as if everyone were competing in 100-meter dash, tiring out the players from both sides, including the referee, so he decided not to give even one minute of extra time after the first half. England couldn't do a thing against Iceland, except for the penalty on third minute, which, in my opinion, was a a questionable decision by the referee. As I talked to my brother, a coach and a referee himself, he did say that everything was by the book, but of course the decision could have been different as well, and it would still have been one right. So I guess the penalty was so and so.

And of course, maybe it was exactly that early penalty that helped drive Iceland to the win. So in that sense, maybe it was a good thing. And of course, good (or in this case, weird) things come in threes, England voted to leave the EU, now they were sent home from France, and ... now Boris Johnson took the coward's way out.

The next game for Iceland will be more difficult that anything before, playing against France. But I'm going to make my (possibly wishful) prediction that Iceland will win 3-2. Even though most of the online bookmakers give it on average only 8-1 chance.