Your Life, Your Seven Wonders

Donít like the 7 World Wonders? Choose your own new ones. That is what online users across the world did in 2007. That is what they continue doing everyday. It is said to be the largest poll online. More than 1 billions users casted their vote. What is yours?

More than 1 billions users casted their vote.

Politicians around the world pull their strings. To be chosen as a finalist of the new seven wonders, is a boost to eco-tourism, and everyone knows that is a boost for the economy. But, is there a hidden message behind the wonders of nature?

Maldives, Amazonas, Indonesia, Uluru reefs, Iguazy Falls or Emirati Islands, these are just some of the New 7 World Wonders. Many others line up and await.

It may sound like a bad ad but actually it is much more. If conflict and stress filled the final drop of your glass and if you wonder about the wonders of nature? Check out online the New Seven Wonders online site. According to HelloMagazine this site hold a spectacular set of images. But for me it is hello and goodbye, because I will not be casting my vote, I will be gone far gone to one of the new 7 wonders.

Choose your seven world wonders and cast your vote while I pack my way out of this city. Follow me if you can. You choose yours, I choose mine. Guess where, oh where, because soon... I will be gone.