Made in….Who Cares?

Do you turn over your products when you go shopping? Do you look for the “Made in” tag on the back of your product?

The President of China Hu Jintao visits Obama at the White House. Accroding to the Mail Online, still no one knows who will be cooking the dinner? The media go frantic. Another event occurs to raise opinions in the Court-Shop of the General Public. Generation Electron, does not care.

Another event occurs to raise opinions in the Court-Shop of the General Public. Generation Electron, does not care.
It is not like Americans look into a car just to see if it was made in China or America, or do they? Not. It is not like mayor Corporations do business with countries just because their costs are lower? Not.

So basically who cares? I am not sure they even make those tags any more. The streets have changed, here all small supermarkets are run by Chinese communities, and I think there is nothing wrong with that at all. I live in Buenos Aires, so really the Chinese visit to White House, from here looks like more marketing campaigns for the Made in Who Cares tag.

The fact of the matter is that I would definitely not buy a product made by Corporations working inside Burma, for sensible reasons and indigestion possibilities. But then again do certain Corporations care about doing business abroad, violations of Human rights and labour? If you do not care why would they care at all? After all the product is made for you.

Seems to me like old campaign runners are getting old and they need to come up with more than the Made in Who Cares campaign if they want to fence products over the seas. It is not like the new generations even care about the debt, the bonds, the history and the traditions. Then again those who put the “Made in Who Cares” tag do not care about the new generations either, so lets call that even, and have ourselves a day.

After all (at the end of the day), do you even check to see where in the world the product you buy was made in? And do you know anything at all about that country and how and why that product got to your shelves. It is all an absurd paradox, I mean would you buy a piggy bank, just because it says, “Made in Haiti”, probably you would. And would you not buy the new latest technology because it were tagged “Made in Asia”? News for you, you probably already did.

So, there is no bigger picture, it is all Micro Economics, (that means the money you have in your pocket). Who made you, who made who, made in Katmandu. Really man who cares? No one is listening, certainly not the electron generation, and certainly they do not care about consumer education. It all just another BRIC in the wall, Tetris sold millions, and Pac Man if re-launched on the X Box would sell millions. Made in who cares, should be changed by something like, “Made by a person just like you, who worked off his life.”