Blue Train Jazz Me, Estonia

Like music, it is here and then it is gone.
According to the New York Times, and their Top 41 places to go to in 2011, Tallin Estonia is the 21st place to go. Not bad ranking, and may sound like a trouble to get there, but it is a actually a very good deal.

For Estonian Public Broadcasting, the Music that Falls Between the Cracks is in part from Estonian. They said, David Rothenberg an ECM recording artist, describes himself as a "musician, composer, author, and philosopher-naturalist." The American, regularly plays and records with Estonian musicians. The unreal question is why Jazz? That underestimated profession of shadows and stages? Why all that time, all those metro research alleys? Why all those faces and words that disappear like a musical note vanishes in the air? Like music, it is here and then it is gone. A delight.

It seems like Estonia has plenty of Jazz, so lets just say it now, it may not be Coltrane’s town but Coltrane horn does put the notes just right to it, specially on the Blue Train. So, if it is good for the Culture Cauldron, it is good for the rest of us, mortals.

You might be called the “new” town and all eyes of the community are set on you. But, you and me know , yes we well known, there is nothing new about you. Your blood and heritage, your jazz and bull fights are ancient, they have been in “town” for generations. So, the test is over, there is no testing in Jazz. There is no rehearsing in improvisation, live it, feel it, deal with it.

Why not get personal, if jazz is all about personality and more. After all these months of hard jazz transcribing I almost feel at home in far off virtual Estonia. Change can be hard, what are short notes without long blows. But I feel optimistic, it must be that jazz that smokes my coffee. Jazz is all about that, an instrument and off you go. On your streets, on your wordless poetry, on your way. An improvisation and “pay for the check”. Honesty, is like breathing fresh air, highly recommended to get everything off your chest.

For me, a city known for its Jazz, and for its opportunities (and don’t get me wrong I am not talking about millionaire opportunities, but opportunities to play) is a city worth hanging around in. Jazz and my imagination, going wild, in Estonia. Did Miles ever talk about Politics? Man you seemed to never have listened to the Man.

And so this time, I leave Estonia in words, I leave it naked, shameless. I leave my life there, I leave my soul, my blood, my connections, my worries, and my jazz. I leave Estonia in good hands.

As all jazz artists of the keyboard, I care not for awards, nor for recognition. After all I am not the kind of person who needs to build a library ego to see the sky.

All Jazz artists know, we are all just borrowing things. There are infinite musical notes, and we did not invent a single one of them. We do borrow them to express ourselves, with total disregard we get personal with notes we did not invent. I leave Estonia with words that are like a good combination of improvisation, beats, and be bops. All me, what more could you want, a city that lets you ride and ride.

As Estonia Public Broadcasting very well said, After his latest concert series with his quartet in Germany, Kristjan Randalu - dubbed "a dazzling piano player“ by jazz legend Herbie Hancock - is back in Estonia. Someone is back and I am gone.